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Hardware plant DONA

Hardware plant DONA LLC was founded in 1993. It was built up after forth redivision of mining and smelting branch. Main kind of activity is manufacturing and sale of low-carbon steel wire.

The company suplies products in Ukraine and countries of EU. Within last 20 years the company has established a reputation as reliable and trust-worth partner for a lot of companies such as construction, metal manufacture, engineering and agrarian.

Constant renovation and retrofit installation as well as highly skilled specialists ensure output of high quality product which corresponds to state standards and technical specifications.

Company target is maximal satisfaction of customers’ needs by rendering of quality product, high service level, reasonable price and advantageous supply conditions.

Welding wire DONA

The statistics of our customers show that about 10% (!!!) of the welding wire in the process of welding from an 80 kg coil is wasted. The reason for this are many factors – this is the confusion of products and the absence of a butt welding machine at the welder’s station and the remains of the welding wire (subject to the presence of its own winding shop).

And the saddest thing is that in the end, with self-rewinding, the quality of winding will be unsatisfactory, non-row. After all, it is almost impossible to carry out high-quality unwinding from an eighty-kilogram skein, where the winding is loose.

On our equipment, welding wire is unwound according to special technologies that are used by world manufacturers. With the help of sophisticated electronics, products are rewound onto cassettes at high speed. This ensures perfect alignment.

It is also worth noting that the products go through the leveling stage, thereby eliminating “twisting” during the welding process. To date, not all manufacturers have this technology. Straightening the wire contributes to the convenience of the welder, provides a higher quality of the weld. If the twisting is not corrected, a number of problems will arise during the work of the welder – the products will get stuck in the channel, the feed will slow down, as a result of which the work time will increase, not allowing the norm to be met.

Hardware Plant DONA LLC buys exclusively wire rod manufactured by Arcelormittal! Wire rod is characterized by very complex processing, the surface is rough, plasticity is low. The production of welding wire is more expensive. One annealing takes 3 hours longer than usual. The drawing time is increased – it is impossible to allow the breakage of products in the drawing bench.

More than 20 years of experience in the market is confirmed by the correctness of the initially chosen path – the best product quality, the strictest control in all areas of production, the most complex technological process in production, reliable business partners. All these are the main components of the success of  Hardware Plant DONA LLC! We carry out delivery to all cities of Ukraine and Europe!

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