Manufacturer of wire LLC Metalware plant «Don»

Our company specializes in the production of welding wire semi-automatic welding constructions and components Wednesday shielding gas (GOST 2246-70 and EN ISO 14341), for the manufacture of electrodes (GOST 2246-70), as well as wire commercial quality in annealed and neotozhzhennom condition (GOST 3282-74).

The composition of the steel wire plant "Don" includes three shops: Diamond shop, welding wire and coppering shop welding wire winding row tapes

wire manufacturing

Drawing Workshop.

Consists of plot average drawing, fine drawing and thermal area.

Secondary school drawing produced as finished products and preparation for subsequent drawing to the subtle dimensions.

Products and billet manufactured in heavy coils weighing up to 1000 kg ~ and in small bundles, weighing up to 100 kg.

Maximum power medium-drawing plot to 2.5 thousand tons a month.

Thermal land consists of electric Bell-type furnaces. Annealing may be in a protective atmosphere (nitrogen Wednesday) or without nitrogen-black is oxidative annealing.

The plot is thin-drawn.

Sizes of the manufactured wire-0.55-2.0 mm. The wire is produced in small coils weighing up to 80 kg and heavy coils weighing up to 800 kg, as well as drawing the workpiece under the copper plating and row winding on metal coils weighing up to 900 kg.

The equipment allows to produce Ñâ08ã2ñ with the usual State of the surface (amount of grease up to 200 g/t), as well as with mechanically polished surface (amount of grease-up to 100 g/t).

Shop coppering.

Shop copper coating consists of lines of chemical coppering welding wire Ñâ08ã2ñ. Size range-0.8-2.0 mm. Rewinder is carried out in small bundles weighing 20-80 kg, and is also produced by winding metal coils weighing up to 900 kg for onward transmission to the shop winding edges.
Construction lines coppering allows application of special coatings on the surface and receive the so-called wire with a chemically polished surface.

Shop row winding welding wire.

Consists of two sections: the row winding and wire frames.
Plot row winding has a row-based machines winding. Winding may be wire skeletons to 300 weight 15-18 kg, the plastic cassette to 300-weight 15 cgy plastic cassettes to 200-weight 5 kg.

Namotannuju on cassettes and frames of wire wrap in plastic wrap and cardboard boxes. For the exclusion of wire placed bag oxidation silikiel. Boxes with boxes of wire are mounted on pallets and wrapped strejchevoj film.

Stretch wire frames.

Welding frame is made in konduktore to exclude change geometrical sizes of frames when welding. Power of the plot-to 12000 frames to 300 per month.
All welding wire in heavy and small coils are packed in polyethylene packaging at polling stations in all shops of the plant.
Functional monitoring, quality control of finished products, as well as all necessary complex of test wire carries the TCI and the laboratory.